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Frequently Asked Questions


  How do I add an “Operating As” name to my corporation?

  Do I need to do a Business Name Registration before incorporating my business?

  Do I need the original copy of my Nuans report?

  How long will my name be reserved for after running a NUANS search?

  What will the NUANS search report tell me?

  What services do you provide?

  Do I need a seal?

  Do I need a minute Book?

  If I incorporate in Ontario, can I sell to someone in B.C.?

  Should I incorporate provincially or federally?

  Which one costs more, Ontario or Federal Corporation?

  Is it necessary for me to obtain corporate supplies for my corporation?

  Do I Need an Attorney to Incorporate?

  What services can a lawyer provide that your incorporation service can’t provide?

  Should I Incorporate a Named Corporation or a Numbered Corporation?

  What Documents do I need to Incorporate?

  How long does it take before my corporation is up and running?

  Who can act as a director?

  What is the definition of a Resident Canadian?

  What is the difference between Inc. Ltd. Corp etc.?

  What should I consider when choosing a name?

  Will the Ontario Government recognize me as an official Ontario Corporation if I use your services?

  Can I change the company name or amend my articles at a later date?

  What address should I use for a registered office?

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